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 The Lake Mallalieu Association promotes the enjoyment, preservation and use of Lake
  Mallalieu in Hudson Wisconsin. 
Membership in the Lake Mallalieu Association is open
  to all who own property on, or reside within one mile of Lake Mallalieu, and whose
  annual membership dues are paid.

 To apply for association membership send the following form to the listed address:
 Lake_Mallalieu_2015_Dues_form_v2.pdf  278.6 KB


  The content of website pages is:

"News" contains details on current & future lake related activities.

"Lake Plan & Studies" has links to Mallalieu Lake Plan, fish, plant & other studies

  - "Links"
has links to WI, DNR & St. Croix County documents / regulations.

  - "Pics" 
contains social, wildlife, draw-down & scenic pictures.

  - "History" contains a detailed history of Lake Mallalieu

  - "Map" contains a lake map with depth readings.

  - “Watershed Map” has a Willow River watershed map for Lake Mallalieu

  - "Lake Fish" describes & shows typical Mallalieu fish.

  - "Invasive Plants" shows undesirable invasive lake plants / weeds.

   - "WI Boating Laws" is a summary of WI moving watercraft regulations.

   -  "For Sale"  A page for posting lake related items for sale & services


This web site is frequently updated with meeting news, general news, photographs, & social  information.

See Lake Mallalieu Facebook Page: 


                                    New Additions:
  15-Aug - New in "News:"  Latest Status from LMA Board     
  12-Aug - New in "Links:"  Minnesota Shoreline Management Guide
  12-Aug - New in "News:"  2015 Lakes & Road Improvement Cooperation

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                Web site administrator is Jim Loeffler of 902 Sally's Alley N., Hudson, WI.

Email Jim at:

Contact Jim with web site comments, suggestions & pics to publish............Thank You.

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