Lake  Mallalieu Association

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On 20-February-2017, representatives of the Lake Mallalieu Association attended a meeting held at the Willow River State Park Pavilion near the lake beach.  The meeting purpose was to have Governor Scott Walker give a presentation on the status of the State Park lake and  dam replacement.  Present with the Governor was Senator Sheila Harsdorf, a key champion in the dam replacement.

Scott announced that the State of Wisconsin, for the upcoming July budget cycle, is budgeting an additional 11 million dollars to the state park dam restoration project for a new total of 19 million dollars.  Scott stated that the Willow River State Park is important to Wisconsin with an annual visitor count of over 900,000 people.

The general timeline for the dam replacement includes bids released / accepted in 2018, construction start in 2019 and lasting about 2 years.  Governor Walker also stated that visitors are encouraged during reconstruction

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Please email our Wisconsin legislators.  Ask friends & neighbors to do also.

The goal is to rebuild the Little Falls Dam, restore the Little Falls Lake, the Willow River and Lake Mallalieu.  We need many people bringing this up for high visibility for high financial priority.

Copy the email address below and paste it into your "Send" box.

Email the following text (or your version of it) to:  

Subject: Little Falls Dam

"To members of the Wisconsin Joint Committee on Finance:  I urge your support to include the funds in the Wisconsin fiscal year budget for the rebuilding of the St. Croix County Willow River State Park dam as well as for down-stream sediment remediation of the Willow River and Lake Mallalieu in Hudson.

All of these bodies of water provide significant wildlife habitat and are vital parts of the local communities and their economy.  

Thank you, < your name, address, contact information >.”

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                                        LITTLE FALLS DAM OVERVIEW

I speak on behalf of the Lake Mallalieu Association consisting of over 100 home owners, the three surrounding municipalities that participate in monitoring the willow river water quality and the Hudson area community. Unlike other dams in the state this is unique. It creates Little Falls Lake, the focal point of Willow River State Park, the fourth most visited park and one of the top revenue producing state parks in Wisconsin.  This park generates nearly $30 million annually in community expenditures and is visited by over 800,000 guests annually.

Additionally over the last 15 years two dams upstream of the park have been removed. This created a  situation where as Little Falls Dam was the last sediment trap in the Willow River before Lake Mallalieu and the St Croix River.  Since the dam was breached in 2015 the United States Geological survey indicates sediment flow into Lake Mallalieu in the first year alone increased nearly 15 times over previous years. 

Without this dam in place to protect downstream flooding and re-creating a sediment trap the water depth of the Willow River and Lake Mallalieu have and will continue to be impacted. This is causing loss of plant and fish habitat, impacting migratory wildlife, and impairing the ability to navigate causing hardships for residents and 100's of  community members that use the river and lake regularly. Your support  funding this project is deeply appreciated. 

Thank You for your consideration in this critical matter